modifiedField and Array (like Dimension)

How to find that yuo have modified a Dimension ?

In your modifiedField method, add this :

        case fieldNum(LedgerJournalTrans, Dimension):
// Put your code here.

OR , if you want test a specific Dimension, you can use this :

    switch (_fieldId)
        //Standard case ...
        case fieldId2Ext(fieldNum(LedgerJournalTrans, Dimension), 1)://1 you index of the array
            //Put your code

Add inventory dimension

Dynamics AX 2009 includes the following inventory storage dimensions from the packaging:

  • Warehouse
  • Batch number
  • Location
  • Pallet ID
  • Serial

and item dimensions:

  • Configuration
  • Color
  • Size

Sometimes it may not be enough for the business needs. To add a new dimension, you can follow the steps below:

  1. First, I assume you have create the dimension tables (similar to InventColor, InventBatch)
  2. Add the key field into the table InventDim.
  3. Then add to the field group InventDimensions and InventoryDimensions
  4. Add fields to the DimIdx as well as relations if necessary.
  5. And then modify some methods if InventDim, just goes thru all methods.
  6. Add fields to InventDimParm also.
  7. Modify macro InventDimJoin and InventDimSelect.
  8. The most important things is do a seach at the top of AOT with #InventDimDevelop as the keywords.
  9. Do a complete Recompilation of all stuffs.
  10. Finish!

You are suggested to add all new dimensions before the system implementation. If there’s some open transaction, weird things may happen. So add some spare dimension if necessary.


How to add another inventory dimension in Axapta 2.5.


In Axapta 2.5, five standard inventory dimensions exist: Warehouse, Batch number, Location, Pallet, and Serial number. Follow the steps below to add another dimension.

1. If necessary, create a new extended data type to base the new dimension on.

2. Create the new field in the InventDim table. Add the field to the field group “Inventory Dimensions”.

3. Create a new field in the InventDimParm table. The field must be an Enum based on the NoYesId extended data type. Add the field to the field groups “View” and “Fixed view”.

4. Go to the top of the AOT and do a Find (ctrl+F). Find all occurrences of #InventDimDevelop. The methods returned represent methods to consider when adding new inventory dimensions.

5. Insert the new InventDim field in relevant form grids.

6. Do a complete recompilation of Axapta.

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