Admin don’t have access to a new SecurityKey

With Ax2009, you don’t have acces to your new SecurityKey -> Run this Job.

public void MyJob_SetSecurityKey()
     // preparation of an object
    SecurityKeySet  securitySet = new SecurityKeySet();

    securitySet.loadGroupRights(#Admin, #Admin);

    // Setting rights - one line for one sec key
    securitySet.access(securitykeynum(MyNewSecurityKey), AccessType::Delete);

    // finalisation
    xAccessRightsList::saveSecurityRights(securitySet.packTouched(), #Admin, #Admin);

Object Server 02: Concurrent number of AOS’ for this application exceeds the licensed number.

I receive this error. There below the solution to launch your AOS.

I have next situation: I create a copy of my production database and restore it to my test database. Then I try to start my second test AOS (stopped to allow restore of db):

Object Server 02: Concurrent number of AOS' 
for this application exceeds the licensed number.


  • Stop your production AOS
  • Start test AOS
  • Start production AOS again.