Windows 8 : Change lock background / wallpaper / picture

See below a simple way to modify the lock screen in Windows 8 (soluce come from :

  • Press WinKey+I.
  • Select Change PC Settings.
  • At the top/right of the window, click the Lock Screen item.
  • Select any of the Thumbnail images to change to that image.
  • Click the Browse button and navigate to any custom image that you wish to use.

Database Maintenance Strategies for Dynamics AX

A little part of the article Database Maintenance Strategies for Dynamics AX

AX utilizes SQL Indexes in order to speed up queries to the database. It is important that any index created is analyzed for its usage pattern; for example, will the query only be made once per day, or thousands of times in a loop? It might not be worth it to create an index for a query which is only executed once per day. The reason for this is that anytime an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement is executed, any affected indexes must also be updated.