This a software for manage multiple RDP connection.

What’s his advantages ?

  • Use RDP in full screen BUT you keep your task bar with windows menu.
  • SQL synchronisation (usefull for a big company to share multiple RDP connection)
  • Use credential and profil for a better managing and updating connection info.
  • Auto update

His twitter account :

Delete a reservation on an item

There is the code for delete a reservation:

    while (
        inventTable = queryRun.get(tablenum(InventTable));

        while select inventTrans
            where   inventTrans.ItemId          == inventTable.ItemId
            &&     (inventTrans.StatusIssue     == StatusIssue::ReservPhysical
            ||      inventTrans.StatusIssue     == StatusIssue::ReservOrdered)
            InventTrans::DeleteMarking(inventTrans.InventTransId, inventTrans.InventRefTransId, inventTrans.Qty, false, null, null, #ShowDetails);