Make a lookup for the Queries

Like all method in Global class (like pickTable)

There is the code for make the same list BUT for the queries.

static str pickQuery()

    int             i;
    int             nodeCount;
    str             nameStr;
    container       names;

    Object          formRun;

    TreeNode        node;
    TreeNode        child;

    node        = TreeNode::findNode(#QueriesPath);
    nodeCount   = node.AOTchildNodeCount();
    child       = node.AOTfirstChild();

    formRun     = classfactory.createPicklist();

    for (i = 1; i <= nodeCount; i++)
        names  += child.AOTgetProperty("Name");
        child   = child.AOTnextSibling();

    formRun.choices(names, #ImageQuery);

    if (formRun.choice())
        return formRun.choice();

    return '';