static TaxGroupData findTaxGroupData(    TaxGroup        _taxGroup,
                                            TaxItemGroup    _taxItemGroup,
                                            boolean         _update = false)
    TaxOnItem       taxOnItem;
    TaxGroupData    taxGroupData;
    while select taxCode
        from taxOnItem
        where taxOnItem.TaxItemGroup    == _taxItemGroup
        select firstOnly taxGroupData
            where   taxGroupData.TaxGroup    == _taxGroup &&
                    taxGroupData.TaxCode           == taxOnItem.TaxCode;
            return taxGroupData;
    return taxGroupData;

One thought on “TaxGroupData

  1. I used this:

    TaxValue purchlineTaxRate(purchline _purchline)
    TaxValue taxValue;
    TaxOnItem taxOnItem;
    TaxGroupData taxGroupData;
    //On détmerine le taxCode
    select firstonly TaxCode
    from taxOnItem
    where taxOnItem.TaxItemGroup == _purchline.TaxItemGroup
    join TaxGroupData
    where TaxGroupData.TaxGroup == _purchline.TaxGroup
    && TaxGroupData.TaxCode == taxOnItem.TaxCode;

    taxValue = TaxData::percent(taxOnItem.TaxCode, systemdateget(), 0); //aujourd’hui car pas encore facturé

    taxValue = taxValue/100;


    return taxValue;


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